Call Management & Call Recording

Call Management:

Textric Solutions offer a wide range of call management solutions and software, which enable you to manage calls through a computer as opposed to the telephone. These options also facilitate the simplification of tasks and enable you to monitor and improve your employee’s productivity. The call management options we provide can be easily integrated with a wide range telephone systems, providing a powerful tool to improve the level of customer service you provide and increase revenue, whilst reducing your overheads.

The call management software we provide offers a range of features, including:

· Click to Dial: This feature enables users to highlight any number which appears on their screen, whether contained within a document or on a website, and then click to dial directly from the computer.

· Call Control: Enables users to make, hold, retrieve, transfer and clear calls directly from a PC without using a phone. This feature can be further enhanced by setting up account codes, enabling control over the ID which is presented on outgoing calls.

· Caller ID Screen Pop-ups: Systems can be set up to provide a screen pop-up of available information about a customer, before the call is answered. This feature enables businesses to save time and to provide a better quality of customer service.

· CRM Integration: Integrating a telephone system with CRM applications and databases means that calls can be synchronised with your client’s calendar. Additional benefits include, screen pop-ups and the ability to keep records of calls of customer interactions.

    Call Recording:

    If your company requires to monitor calls, either for regulatory compliance or to ensure your levels of customer service are consistent, then we can provide call recording solutions for you. Utilising our solutions will enable you to record, archive, search and play important telephone calls.

    Our call recording features provide you with a means of ensuring quality control, this is achieved through the provision of both textual and graphical reports of your employee’s workflows. More advanced server features can also be included, such as integration with CRM applications, multi-site recording, call tagging, speech analytics which enable for a specific word or phrase to be searched on a call record and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

    We offer a wide range of products and solutions which can be utilised in conjunction with a wide range of systems.