Cloud Based

Companies and businesses have been quick to utilise cloud based solutions, due to the enhanced levels of efficiency and flexibility which they provide. When providing cloud based solutions to our customers, we place ourselves at the centre of their information strategy, enabling us to manage their applications to ensure that they are permanently available. We work directly with you, listening to you to understand your specific requirements, in order to shape an overarching strategy which meets your requirements.

Our specialism in this area enables us to work directly with you, to help you identify the ways in which a cloud based solution can help make your business more competitive and how they offer real business value. Our cloud based services include:

· Disaster recovery, as a service.

· Messaging and collaboration, as a service.

· Storage, as a service, using NetApp.

· Infrastructure, as a service, using CISCO servers to provide switching and storage.

· Desktop, as a service, using Citrix Virtual Desktop.

· Backup, as a service, using Backup Better.

· An Applications service, which includes Hosted Exchange and Microsoft 365.

    Using Tectrix Solutions to host your network remotely empowers your employees to access applications, software, data and documents in the office, at home, on their mobile or a tablet from any geographic location, at any time, provided they have internet connection.

    Equally our cloud based solutions can be utilised by users enabling them to access a virtual version of their desktop. The benefits of this include heightened collaborative ability, increased levels of productivity and reductions in staff “down time” caused by travel, sickness or even weather conditions.

    With cloud based solutions our aim is simple: we want to make it as easy as possible and as uncomplicated as possible, leaving you to spend your time getting on with the things that are important to your business. Once your solution has been implemented, we provide a dedicated account manager, a single point of call for any enquires you may have who is supported by our experienced team of customer service agents.

    All of our cloud based solutions are flexible, meaning we can work directly with you in order to develop and implement a solution to match the specific requirements of your business.