Working in close strategic partnership with our customers and partners, Tectrix Solutions provides IT solutions, telecommunications, connectivity and managed IT support.

Established in 2000, from our offices in Manchester our team of engineers and technicians North West UK. We position ourselves as your strategic partner to deliver continuous business value, and we pride ourselves on our proactive and innovative approach.

For over a decade our solutions have helped customers overcome critical technical challenges to deliver business value to organisations and across multiple industry sectors.

The quality and experience found in our technical team and the company’s commitment to continuous personal development ensures our clients experience high quality, reliable and responsive service delivered by a motivated team.

As a growing and developing business it may be the right time for you to consider outsourcing the management of your IT to an IT Support Provider.

There are many types of services associated with an IT Support Provider and when it comes to choosing an IT provider it can be tricky.

In this introductory article we would like to give you guidance and advice on what to expect from a professional IT Support Provider.

    How important is IT for your business?

    This might seem like a ridiculous question considering that we are in the 21st century; we all know that computers and IT play a crucial role in how we operate and manage our businesses.

    You probably rely on IT every single day: from basic word processing and admin through to more complex stock ordering, and operations and sales workflows.

    It’s therefore important that you have the confidence that your IT is going to work when you need it the most.

    Unfortunately, most business owners don’t really appreciate the value of their IT systems until something goes wrong. This can be a painful way to learn.

    When your IT systems, computers, emails, servers, software and networks aren’t working properly your business will slow to a crawl.

    Downtime for businesses these days simply isn’t an option, and having IT experts at your disposal will give you peace of mind.

    This is where your IT Support Provider adds value – by looking after your IT for you.

     Our Approach And An Insight To Our Work

    We understand business process and systems. We devote enough time to understand our customer’s business model, their challenges and constraints so that the planned solution delivers to expectations, on time and within budget.

    The Tectrix Solutions Business Development and Technical team take care to engage at every level so that a thorough understanding of our client’s business underpins the service we provide and recommendations for improvements to deliver extra value.