If your business is exploring ways in which you can reduce the cost of your calls, then a VoIP System may solve this problem. VoIP Systems utilise the features of a traditional telephone system, however as all calls are made over the internet you are able to make cheaper, and in some cases free, calls.

VoIP is an acronym, which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. This system provides an alternative means of making a phone call, the primary difference is that calls made on a VoIP system are conducted utilising the internet. This system provides additional benefits for businesses as it includes both public and private phone calls. In recent years, VoIP phone systems and solutions have become exceptionally popular with businesses and companies, this is due to the fact that calls tend to be cheaper than alternatives or completely free of charge.

When compared against traditional phone systems, VoIP systems offer a wide number of advantages. However the primary reason for businesses adopting a VoIP system is lower costs for calls, but there are also a wide range of additional benefits for businesses. These benefits include:

· Mobility when connecting to remote workers.

· The ability to have connectivity over multiple locations.

· Fraud prevention facilities.

· Disaster recovery planning capacities

    Connectivity And Mobility Benefits With VoIP Systems:

    Due to the nuances provided by a VoIP system, it allows for communication between multiple offices and across multiple locations to be facilitated. Additionally, remote workers can be connected to the main office, allowing them to call out under the businesses number, providing authenticity.

    The Disaster Recovery And Fraud Prevention Features Of VoIP Systems:

    Unfortunately, accidents and disasters can occur, however with a VoIP System you can easily and effectively plan a rapid recovery for your communications, when and if such situations arise. Connecting your VoIP System to a safe network, fraudulent communication can be prevented from occurring.

    When it comes to the provision of VoIP Systems to our clients, we understand that every company has different requirements and needs. Due to this, we work directly with each of our clients to provide a “straight-talking” VoIP System which meets your requirements- not ours. We pride ourselves on this customer focussed approach!